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What is white womanhood?

As white women, we simultaneously hold social and financial power as white people, while suffering under the confines of “womanhood.” In this way we often enact harm while relieving ourselves of responsibility for our actions. We are viewed as objects to be defended (or violated) by our white male protectors. White men’s presumed ownership of “pure” white women does not keep us safe -- and it certainly does not free us from patriarchy. It reinforces it. The silencing of women’s history has erased the ways in which we were active players in the white supremacist system we live in today. We believe there are four main areas in which we participate; Violence, Universalism, Post-Racial Optimism, and White Saviorism.

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Heather Marie Scholl, Sophie Ellman-Golan, and Rhiannon Childs



“The women’s movement can’t fight patriarchy or racism without white women being willing to face their white privilege and to be accountable for the ways they cause harm. The Confront White Womanhood platform does the necessary work of teaching white women to face how they uphold systems of patriarchal white supremacy.”

— Tamika D. Mallory, Civil Rights Activist and Co-President of Women’s March